the sun

The life force for every living thing that is born, lives and grows to maturity. It warms, conveys joy, imagination and safety. It stands for the summer, falling in love and pleasure. My sun accepts the leap in time, connects the past with the future, continents and cultures. The symbol is built up on the basis of the number five – the pentagon. Then there are the 20 rays that stand for the numerous ethnic nationalities. They symbolise the various cultures and religions from antiquity. This sun connects religions and philosophies beyond time and place. It is a synonym for the creative forces that link all nationalities and individuals.


floral sound

A display of forms and colours inspired by long journeys brings us close to distant lands. Roses, orchids, lilies, mandarins, almonds, saffron, pepper and coriander, exotic things that distance us from traditions and past habits, enriching our daily lives and freeing us from monotony. By means of form and colour floral music represents a blend of exotic flowers and fruit, the feeling of sensual perception, experimentation with simple opposites: sweet – sour, acid – bitter. The figure is the expression of the fullness and richness of nature that mother earth strews across the continents.


the ballerina

The ballerina stands for auditory perception, music and rhythm that fill the silence or go hand in hand with the sounds of our daily life. We choose and consume music by reflecting upon it, we choose rhythm because we need it to communicate with. Classical music, jazz and Tango, music from different countries and different ethnic origins.


the moon

Unreal, essentially belonging to the world of fairy tales and mystery, she is cold, the heat thrown by the distant sun being reflected in her. The moon is the queen of the night and is associated with our thoughts during our sleepless nights. It is hard to find a fairy tale or love story that does not include the mystery of her appearance. My crescent moon reigns, sunk into the mother earth, thus connecting two planets that are like roundabouts. In the centre the network of footpaths that, going along them, gives us the feeling of being protected by the rays of her arms. With a rather child-like imagination I can believe I can walk across the moon on the pavement. Her magnetic force is fascinating, is it not her mysterious energy that lifts the water from the sea to give it back to the earth and thus make it possible for plant seeds to germinate?


the animal soul

Starting with the human image consisting of body, mind and soul, the mind is in the centre. Associated with it are our experiences of the conflicts of the psyche, of desire and the will, of instinct, where love and hatred are freely expressed without the control of the dimension of the spirit. The figure expresses the many facets of the animal world: cold and hot blood, bird and fish, the lion and the lamb. For evolutional reasons these instinctive beings have had to renounce being animated with a soul, at least for now. Because of their instinctive behaviour they are comparable to the world of our mind: Anima-animale.


the cross

The traditional cross consists of two lines, the horizontal and the vertical. It is a reference to the laws of dualism, to the principle of cause and effect, to the fundamental question “where am I from and where am I going to”, to opposites - above–below, past and future. My interpretation of the cross is given dynamism by a spiral movement that stands for the infinity of the concept of time, in the sense of the law of evolution. With the vitality of my cross I want to draw attention to the power of the Transfiguration of the Christian faith as it is practised, to the Christianity preached and practised by St. Francis of Assisi.


the spring

The cycle of water going from the spring to the sea, drawn up by the moon and then freed by the storm in the rain and finally returned to the earth. The form therefore expresses the rivers, the whirlpool, the waves and the sea. Just like the blood in our circulation, heart and blood vessels, without water there is no life. The figure stands at one side of the island denoting the source of the River Arno. Together with the contrasting figure on the other island, the sun, it forms the basis of life for the natural world, for man and animals.


the column

It stands in the middle, in the traffic, at the crossroads where the four points of the compass meet. Rooted in the ground it draws the magma, the eternal flame to the surface that like a cloak spirals around the marble column. The column draws the earth’s magnetism up to the sky, and by drawing the divine spark, electricity, down it the column tries to liberate Mother Earth.

Resting on the column one above the other are the four signs of the compass:

West: purple and round, it symbolises fruit, gathered, evening, plenty and autumn.
South: yellow, rays of light, life, strength, joy and summer.
North: blue, sharp and clear, it symbolises the rain, snow, ice and winter.
East: light green, cloud-shaped, it symbolises sowing, healing, growth and also the reawakening and spring.

Above these the universe stands out, a symbol of the fraternal union between everything and everyone.

And lastly right at the top a gilded star, the morning star, the spiritual leader, the divine prince, symbolic of the highest level of the conscience where body, mind, reasoning and soul finally unite.