the elements



Contrasting Good/Evil, Male/Female, things that attract and repel. The dynamics of life would be impossible without them.

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A composite animal formed from lion, ram and snake. It has many symbolic meanings including the reference to the year divided into three parts: Spring, Summer and Autumn/Winter.

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The quintessential of earth's energy, the fireplace that heats the home, hospitality.

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The result of divine fire descending to the Earth, divine inspiration, gives rise to precious gems, fertilisation.

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Associated with the north, the celestial region protected by the sungod Apollo, the Etruscan Aplu. The fact it is a water bird gives it greater divine powers making it the king of all acquatic birds.

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The merman, renewal. The symbolic meaning is that life in its seasonal rebirth gives rise to a new generation.

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Genesis - The original cell - amniotic fluid - all life forms come from it.

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The column

the column

a) Square base
Symbol of tenacity and strength, the monumental, the number 4.

b) Crystal
It symbolises the original microscopic shape in the human organism as well as that of nature. Snow flakes and mineral crystals, geometric form of 3 and the icosahedron.

c) Half Sphere
Half of the earth, bearer and custodian of life. The chalice from which life springs, mother earth who feeds and houses us.

d) Sap
Symbol of the veins and arteries as well as of the vital force of the plant world and the intellect, four veins running towards the light, the sun and freedom.

e) Sphere
The springwater, the cycle of water/rain.

f) Light
The source of life, synonym for a spiritual destination. Sun: divine infinity.

g) Rays
Inspiration, creative revelry, dreams

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Solitary king - Teatro del silenzio - Lajatico 2009

the solitary king

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The dove

the dove

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